Planning a trip to Cohuna? Here’s the top attractions to visit while you’re here.

Get ready for an adventure in our beautiful region of northern Victoria.

Gunbower Island

One of the must-see spots in Cohuna is Gunbower Island. Situated within Gunbower National Park and a haven for nature lovers. The park is home to wetlands and billabongs along the iconic Murray River, which serves as a breeding ground for a variety of waterbirds. As you explore the area, you’ll be enchanted by the majestic river red gums and the sandy beaches that dot the landscape. There’s a scenic forest drive that’s perfect for a picnic, fishing, boating, or a rejuvenating bushwalk.


Murray River Adventures offer public or private guided eco tours across the Gunbower Creek and flooded forest areas, that will make your time out in the forest and lagoons that much more enjoyable.

Koondrook Wharf

Koondrook Wharf is just a 20 minute drive away from our park and is a popular tourist spot, a modern wharf in a historic village. Relax amongst the trees, shade & birds with quiet river views and BBQ facilities.

Apex Park

Located next to our lovely park, Apex park is a beautifully maintained park with a wide range of equipment for children of varying ages to play on.

More information

The Cohuna Visitor Information Centre, also known as the Gateway to Gannawarra Visitor Centre, offers plenty of tourism information to help you get the most out of your stay. Located at 90 King George Street, Cohuna.

Cohuna has many hidden gems, cafes, and shops, each with its own unique character. Whether you’re craving some delicious local produce, interested in browsing through art galleries, or simply want to soak up the ambience of this friendly town, there’s something for everyone.

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