Cohuna Waterfront Holiday Park Booking Policy

Christmas School Holidays
– Minimum booking of one week taken up until 31st October. Shorter bookings taken at manager’s discretion from 1st November.

Easter School Holidays
– Minimum booking of one week taken up until one month prior to holidays. Shorter bookings taken after this at manager’s discretion or earlier if the booking can be added to the beginning or end of an existing booking.

All Other School Holidays
– Minimum booking periods are at manager’s discretion (depending on availability).

Long Weekends & Special Events
– Minimum booking of three nights taken up until one month prior. Shorter bookings taken after this at manager’s discretion.

Cancellations relating to Coronavirus (COVID-19) 

When cancelling a booking due to Government imposed lockdowns or restrictions, our normal refund policies apply. However, in the event that Deposits or Pre-payments are not eligible to be refunded under these policies, rather than the guest forfeiting such payments,  any funds paid will be retained by the property and held in credit for guests to use with-in 12 months of the date of cancellation.

All Other Periods
– Minimum bookings of two nights in advance for cabins only (one night stays allowed on sites). One night cabin bookings can be taken on day of arrival at manager’s discretion (surcharge may apply).

Payment for Bookings:

Online Bookings – All online reservations require payment in full at the time of booking. Should guests prefer to only pay an initial deposit (subject to the conditions above) they will need to call the reservations staff to confirm their reservation. Some rates and specials displayed online may not be bookable over the phone or may require payment in full regardless of booking method. Remember to check the conditions of all specials advertised online before confirming a reservation or contact our friendly reservation staff for further information.

Christmas/Easter deposits required – $200.00 (Cabins) & One week (Sites) at the time of booking. Christmas Balance is to be paid in full by 31st October. Easter balance to be paid one month prior to arrival.

All other periods – $100 (cabins) & $50.00 (sites) at time of booking (or one night’s accommodation, when total tariff is less than this amount), with balance on arrival.

Site and Cabin Allocation and Preferential Bookings:
Particular site/cabin numbers can be requested, but unfortunately no guarantee can be given. Customers may rebook from year to year, prior to departure. If the site is not rebooked and a deposit paid prior to leaving the park, then the site/cabin becomes available for booking by other customers.

Subletting of accommodation:
Accommodation/sites are provided to the booking party for the guest(s) as named on the booking. Accommodation must not be sublet or resold by the booking party for commercial gain without our prior written consent. Genuine group bookings are not affected.

Cohuna Waterfront Holiday Park Refund Policy

Refunds of deposits and fees paid are available from Cohuna Waterfront Holiday Park under certain circumstances:

High Season Bookings 

Where at least 28 days’ notice of full cancellation has been given, deposits or prepayments will be refunded with the following options:

  • Option A: Cash or credit card refund of deposit or prepayment less $30.00 administration fee.
  • Option B: Full amount held in credit (no admin fee applicable) for use within 12 months of the original cancellation date.

Where a booking is cancelled in an advertised peak period, with less than 28 days notice, no refund is applicable.

Low / Mid Season Bookings:

Deposits or prepayments will be refunded with the following options:

Option A: Cash, or credit card refund of deposit or prepayment less $30.00 administration fee. Arrived Bookings on sites only, who are refunded in cash or credit card will NOT incur an Administration fee.

Option B: Cheque refund of deposit or prepayment less $30.00 administration fee.

PLEASE NOTE: Where a deposit or prepayment is to be refunded an administration fee is to be charged. Alternatively, the customer may allocate the total fund amount towards a future booking (to be used within 12 months)