Quambatook – A beautiful piece of history

Known as the tractor pulling capital of Australia, the small town of Quambatook makes a fantastic place to visit for any trip to this region. Located only 302km from Melbourne and less than an hour away from Cohuna Waterfront Holiday Park, Quambatook boasts several historical areas and easy access to many beautiful natural sites.

Tractor Pulling

Since its first competition in 1976, Quambatook has become known for its annual tractor pulling event. If you’re in the area around Easter, make sure to check out this special event!

Historical Centres

If you’re interested in history, this small town offers a surprisingly diverse selection of historical sites and museums. The Quambatook Historical Centre not only collects and displays information and artefacts from the town’s history, but it also celebrates the life and career of one of Quambatook’s more famous residents, the beloved musician John Williamson. Less than 50 km to the east is the Kerang Historical Society and Museum and Boort Court House Museum.

Outdoor Options

Looking to get out in nature? Not only can you walk around the town and enjoy the beautiful buildings and fields, but Quambatook also functions as a convenient hub to reach hidden gems like Mount Jeffcott Nature Conservation Reserve, where a short walk will lead you to spectacular panoramic views of the surrounding land.

A short drive to the southwest will bring you to Tchum Lakes where you can enjoy activities such as swimming, boating, fishing and various water sports. Lake Boort, located 50 km to the south, offers similar activities, as do the Wooroonook Lakes.

Drive east for little under an hour, and you will find yourself in the beautiful Leaghur State Park. Home to some of the most amazing Black Box wetland and woodland areas, this state park offers visitors the chance to drive or walk throughout the area as they enjoy the stunning flora and fauna. If you plan on visiting, make sure to check on conditions within the park on the Parks Victoria website.

Where to Stay

If you’re planning on staying in town, the local Quambatook Hotel has been well praised for its atmosphere and service. Just passing through? Nearby hotels can be found in Boort, Kerand, and Wycheproof. If the weather is nice and you want a chance to enjoy the great outdoors, camping options are available at Lake Boort, Tchum Lakes, and Wooroonook Lakes.

Alternatively, the Cohuna Waterfront Holiday Park, located 75 km to the east, offers a variety of cabins and sites for caravans, campervans and tents as well as a swimming pool, tennis court, jumping pillow, and other family-friendly facilities. Book online today.